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Paschim Odisha Krushi Mela 2023

Paschim Odisha - Land of Opportunities (ଅସାର ସମ୍ଭାର)

January 27 – 31, 2023, PHD Ground, Sambalpur


Western Odisha Development Council

The Western Odisha Development Council(WODC) Act,2000 as amended vide Orissa Act 8 and 14 of 2001 & 2003 respectively provides for the establishment of the Council with the prime objective of accelerated development and advancement of the people residing within 10 districts and one sub-division of Angul district of Western Odisha. The Act empowers the Council for the socio-economic, educational, cultural advancement and development of the people residing within the WODC area. The Western Odisha Development Council comprises of 10 districts i.e. Bargarh, Bolangir, Boudh, Deogarh, Jharsuguda, Kalahandi, Nuapada, Sambalpur, Subarnapur, Sundargarh and Athmallik sub-division of Angul district.

The Western Odisha Development Council aims at a faster process of growth in the Council area. The Council lay emphasis on all-round development including minimizing the economic inequalities, creating adequate infrastructural facilities, providing adequate avenues for earning livelihood by way of generating man-days and above all to trickle down the message of development to the lowest rung of the community. Different projects under Roads & Communication, Agricultural Development, Minor Irrigation, Construction of Check Dams, Installation of LIPs, Water Supply Schemes, Sinking of Tube Wells, grant for Infrastructure development of Schools & Colleges, Health Services, Electrification of villages etc. are being taken up by the Council.

To sum up WODC has now become a strategic arm of the State Government to undertake coordinated action to accelerate State Govt.’s reach and initiatives in 11 districts under WODC so that the socio-economic progress in these areas are enhanced and People’s economic well being is ensured.


The Chief District Agriculture officer

Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)

Mr. B K Nayak, Joint Director

Vivek Mishra, Senior Assistant Director

Ajit Singh Samra, Assistant Director

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